How To Make Castor Oil Packs For An Easy Liver Detox

There are many ways to support liver health. In this article, Danielle shares how castor oil packs give your liver some love while reducing the aches and pains associated with stress and clogged detox pathways. How To Make Castor Oil Packs For An Easy Liver Detox

Women can even detox their liver in sync with their menstrual cycle.

What Is A Castor Oil Pack?

Thick and slightly yellow, castor oil comes from the castor oil plant. The thick oil is extracted from pressed castor beans contains ricinoleic acid.

Ricinoleic acid makes up about 90% of the fatty acids in castor oil. It’s responsible for the health benefits found in regularly wearing castor oil packs.

To make a castor oil pack, you simply apply a piece of fabric soaked in castor oil to the body. The castor oil pack acts as a poultice, working its magic as it moves lymph and reduces pain.

Most health food stores sell castor oil, but be sure to locate one that is cold-pressed and free of additives and hexane like this one.

What Are The Benefits Of Castor Oil Packs?

Well known for its ability to get rid of inflammation and relieve pain, castor oil applied to the skin for a long period of time as a “pack” or poultice will help to move lymph fluid and improve circulation. This, in turn, speeds up recovery, promotes healing, and moves waste out of the body.

* Castor oil packs placed over the top right part of the abdomen (under your right rib) increase liver function and help to gently detoxify the liver.
* Studies suggest that castor oil packs support immune health and encourage lymphatic circulation.
* Castor oil packs placed on the abdomen and over the uterus help to relieve menstrual cramps and pain.
* Castor oil and castor oil packs help to relieve joint pain.

Signs You Should Use Castor Oil Packs

If you notice the symptoms of poor liver function, have a history of liver issues or even a liver diagnosis, castor oil packs may be a great addition to your treatment plan or overall health upkeep.

Signs Of A Slow Liver Include:

* Yellow Eyes Or Skin
* Dark Urine
* Swelling In The Legs And Feet
* Poor Ability To Detoxify From Alcohol, Medications, Or A Sensitivity To These Things
* Tarry, Bloody, Or Pale Stool
* Chronic Fatigue
* Spider Veins
* Bloating
* Poor Memory And Slow Thinking
* Itchiness
* Excessive Bruising Or Bleeding
* Blood Clots When Bleeding During Your Menstrual Cycle

In addition to these symptoms, if you are in the middle of a detox, go ahead and support your liver with a castor oil pack.

Do not use castor oil packs when menstruating, pregnant, breastfeeding, or during an acute infection or condition. Consult your physician before using a castor oil pack.

How Do You Use Castor Oil Packs?

You only need three things to complete your first castor oil pack, unless you want to also include a good book or the newest episode of your favorite show, which I also recommend.

* High-Quality, Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Like This One
* A Cotton Or Wool Cloth, Normally Found For Sale Near The Castor Oil In Natural Food Stores, But Any Pure Cotton Or Wool Will Do
* A Heating Pad Or Hot Water Bottle Like This

Because castor oil can stain, wear old clothes and lay on an old towel while wearing a castor oil pack.

* Place the castor oil directly on the skin or on the cloth itself.
* Apply the cloth oil-side down to the skin over your liver.
* Place a medium-heat heat source over the castor oil pack. Then, relax.

As for how long to wear the castor oil pack, anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour will do. But start slow if you have a chronic condition. Keep it to twenty minutes until your liver begins to function better. If you feel like a seasoned veteran, you can use castor oil packs for an hour.

Between uses, store the oil-soaked cloth inside a jar or glass container. The cloth can be used at least a dozen times, but add more oil each use.

How Do You Heat Up A Castor Oil Pack?

Heat allows castor oil to absorb into your skin and works its way to your internal organs.

A heating pad is the simplest method, but a hot water bottle works too. For longer sessions, a heating pad will provide more consistent heat.

Can I Use Castor Oil Packs Every Day?

You can, as castor oil packs do not cause serious detoxing symptoms. Although, it is a good idea to take extra precautions and start slow, then increase frequency.

Updated: 4-5-2021

What’s The Difference Between A Detox And A Cleanse?

Maybe you had a long and indulgent weekend. Perhaps one of your friends recently lost weight and attributes the weight loss to some mysterious detox or cleanse. What do these words mean and how should you go about picking one? This can be a hard decision with all the different fitness or health food advertisements being forced on you from all corners of social media, TV, or radio. Before you choose some random product, it’s important to know the difference between “detox” and “cleanse.”

Detox Versus Cleanse:

Both of these words circulate the health world, but a lot of people interchange them. They are different, even though both claim to flush toxins from your body. For the majority of the 20th century, detoxing typically referred to treating substance abuse and cleansing referred to cleaning house or getting rid of parasites. While they are different, both words involve removing harmful substances or toxins from the body.

The Purpose of Detoxing:

When you detox, the goal is to get toxins like cigarette residue, heavy metals, chemicals, or environmental toxins out the body via waste elimination. Secondly, it’s important to improve the body’s detoxification pathways, specifically the liver and the kidneys. Those organs are always detoxing, so a “detox” is a way to make sure those organs are functioning without problems. A detox also involves a dietary change.

The Purpose of Cleansing:

The primary purpose of a cleanse is to remove undigested food, toxins, old fecal matter, and parasites from the digestive tract and colon. When you are cleansing, you typically have to avoid consuming dairy products, eggs, gluten, soy, refined sugars, meats, processed foods, and alcohol. The goal is to focus on foods that aid the cleansing process, yet supply the body with tons of nutrients as well.

According to medical experts, detoxification is the body’s process of turning toxins into waste. Cleansing helps to enhance the body’s detoxification system by eliminating toxic waste from the digestive tract. In a way, you could say that the two terms work hand in hand.

Signs That Indicate You Need To Cleanse:

* Frequent Headaches
* Joint Pain
* Water Retention
* High Blood Pressure
* Constipation
* Anxiety or Depression
* Fatigue

When it comes to cleansing the body, we stand by our 20-day Full Body Cleanse, which helps to cleanse the major eliminative channels in the body. It also helps to cleanse the body’s major organs and systems, which can aid its natural detoxification processes.

We recommend this cleanse, as opposed to a juice cleanse, because you get to eat solid foods. A liquid only diet can sometimes cause digestive complications due to the lack of fiber. Even though the foods you eat on the Full Body Cleanse are raw, they provide you with all the vitamins, protein, fiber, and nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle.

The best time to cleanse is either in the spring, fall, or in the beginning of the year. Start your cleanse now to rejuvenate the body and reclaim your health.

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I really like this soap. Great price a a nice mild scent. I do not care for overly scented products and this was fine.
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Lara Smith

I really like this soap. Great price a a nice mild scent. I do not care for overly scented products and this was fine.
This would make a great gift!

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Great price a a nice mild scent. I do not care for overly scented products and this was fine.
This would make a great gift! I really like this soap.

Tina A.


Great price a a nice mild scent. I do not care for overly scented products and this was fine.
This would make a great gift! I really like this soap.